LIT Flashcard Lesson

Intermediate - Advanced - IELTS Chose one or more people listed on the flashcard. Write your answers in the comments. Example: A husband/wife should be honest, patient, thoughtful ... A husband/wife shouldn't be selfish, unkind ... #FlashcardLesson #adjectives #intermediate #upperintermediate #advanced #IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary

This week's IELTS vocabulary is from Jules Verne's around the world in 80 days. Each day this week, we will add a flashcard with four words. Read the story for context. Sign up for the All Access pass and receive you weekly assignments.

A Star is Born

Learn It Town Cinema presents songs and trailers from A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. (Make sure your quicktime is updated when you watch it at the English City Cinema.) Have you watched the movie? What is your favorite song? What does the song "Shallow" mean? Before we listen to the song "Shallow" from the movie. Let's examine the language. fill that void - an empty feeling inside a person keeping it so hardcore - when a musician tries to express themselves with music and life intensive and very honest. longing for change - wanting something different in your life. off the deep in watch as I dive in - an idiom - to dive in at the deep end/be thrown in at the deep end' ca

This week in Space

This week we will be learning about space. We may even go to the moon. Our subscribers are enjoying a free weeks lesson on space. Join Learn It Town's All Access Pass and receive our topic assignments every week. Here are this week's flash cards. #Space #LearnEnglish #englishlearners #ESL #Flashcards

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