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B1 Grammar at the Hotel

At Learn It Town, a language learning platform, B1 level learners often encounter and practice various grammar examples specifically related to hotel topics. When discussing hotel-related subjects, students delve into the intricacies of grammar to effectively communicate in real-life situations.

  1. Simple Present for Hotel Services:

    1. The hotel provides complimentary breakfast to all guests.

    2. The receptionist greets guests at the front desk.

    3. Housekeeping cleans the rooms every day.

  2. Present Continuous for Current Situations:

    1. We are currently renovating the lobby area.

    2. The hotel is expanding its parking lot.

    3. They are upgrading the Wi-Fi system.

  3. Past Simple for Previous Actions:

    1. I booked a room at the hotel last week.

    2. The guests checked out early in the morning.

    3. We visited the hotel restaurant yesterday.

  4. Present Perfect for Experiences:

    1. I have stayed at this hotel before.

    2. They have already visited the spa.

    3. Have you tried the hotel's signature dish?

  5. Modal Verbs for Requests and Suggestions:

    1. Could I have an extra pillow, please?

    2. You should try the hotel's fitness center.

    3. May I ask for a wake-up call tomorrow morning?

  6. Questions with Question Words:

    1. Where is the nearest bus stop from the hotel?

    2. How much does a single room cost per night?

    3. What time does breakfast start?

  7. Imperatives for Giving Instructions:

    1. Please fill out this registration form.

    2. Keep your room keycard with you at all times.

    3. Don't forget to check out by noon.

  8. Conditional Sentences for Hypothetical Situations:

    1. If there are any issues with your room, please inform us immediately.

    2. We would upgrade your room if it's available.

    3. Unless you have a reservation, we cannot guarantee room availability.


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