IELTS Vocabulary Words - Family

In an IELTS interview, you will be asked questions about your family. Learn It Town has many classes that teach about family. Our students start talking about family from the moment they arrive. Our teachers ask them every day about their family. It is an important part of communication in all languages. Everyone enjoys talking about their immediate family and their extended family and listening about the families of their friends. Immediate family are your husband or wife, your children, your parents and your brothers and sisters. Your grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles are all apart of your extended family. Let's look at the members of your family and get familiar with the vocabular

What is your English Level? Take Free Assessment.

What is your English Level? Have you tried to find out? Take this Free Assessment from Learn It Town. It is very easy. It is hosted on their course server. Just JOIN THE COURSE for free and take the level test. After taking the test, click on the grades tab and your level is at the top right of the page. What is your level? How did you do? Take the test right now and comment your level. It is fun. Click here to take the test. ESPAÑOL - ¿Cuál es tu nivel de inglés? ¿Has intentado averiguarlo? Toma esta evaluación gratuita de Learn It Town. Es muy fácil. Haga clic en la foto. Está alojado en su servidor de curso. Simplemente JOIN THE COURSE de forma gratuita y tome la prueba de nivel. Despué

What is the All Access Pass

Lowri Mills had too much fun during Mardi Gras and is giving away the All Access Pass for €10 using the Coupon Code: LOWRIMILLSFAN Our support team has been answering the question, What is the All Access Pass? We have made a page to help. However, it wasn't enough, so we are putting it into our blog as well. Here is what is included. You get 1 month of...

Today we celebrated Mardi Gras with a Parade

JOIN LEARN IT TOWN TODAY!!! We had a great time at the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans. There were over 100 floats we could ride. There was music and bands, lots of dancing and beads. ONE DAY LEFT TO GET 50% OFF. This parade was part of the ALL ACCESS and came with a worksheet. CLICK HERE TO JOIN and put in the code VALENTINES50 at checkout for the ALL ACCESS Subscription. That is €10 a month for as long as you subscribe. #MardiGras

Learn It Town 50% Off Valentine's ALL ACCESS Packages

Give the gift of language. Learn It Town is offering a 50% Off our Valentine's Day ALL ACCESS Packages for ALL LEVELS. Buy a Learn It Town ALL ACCESS SPECIAL and get FREE ORIENTATION along with 1 month of 24/7 ALL ACCESS to Learn It Town. Packages include classes and some include a private tutoring session. Just put in the FOR CLASSES - COUPON CODE: LITLOVE50 OR REDEEM COUPON FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS at Checkout: Valentines50 Code Expires 17/2/2018. CLICK HERE to Join Us TODAY! Example ALL ACCESS PACKAGE ALL ACCESS English Classes - Intermediate and up - 12 Classes PLUS 1 Free Tutoring Session Students will receive 12 classes in General English Classes - develop your conversation abilities -

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