Video games and how to fight it

any youngsters use computers in today’s world. Almost all of them are gamers. Some youngsters are just used to using social games and now they are using their abilities for making decisions regarding social problems. On the other hand, many children use their computers uncontrollably. They play violent games, where they just kill other people, monsters or people turning into monsters, bust everything in the game’s world and use drugs to increase their virtual health. Firstly Video games make them disappointed in real life. Gamers are usually bring emotions from virtual reality to real word. This behavior turns back problems in real word. Youth shows aggression and violence to other young

Thank You, My Teacher

I would like to say “thank you” to all of my teachers in English City I know, today is not teacher’s day but I can not wait to that day to say this. “Thanks my teachers so much!” I know almost of you are from America where is the up side down location to Vietnam in the Earth. When we (Vietnamese students) come to class after working time it’s the time you have to wake up so early (I can guess through your voice when you have just wake up ;-) ) . Or on Sundays, when the class starts at noon (Vietnamese time), it’s midnight in your country. You have to stay up so late for teaching us. you are teachers who love students so much. In order to giving us your knowlegde, you have to be hard. There a


Hello to everyone! I am Renat Yussupov! I want to share with you my last trip. 3 weeks of English Immersion Courses were very memorable for me. I’ll never forget the time in London when I learned the language here and found a lot of friends from different countries. I also had a chance to study Business English and learn some leadership skills. The classes were very interesting as they included both practical training and theory, but what I more liked was the Ipad Session, which developed four skills, reading, writing, speaking, listening. And also I wish to ALL students which use this kind of opportunitues to learn english language here! Thanks! Regards, Renat

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