Modal Verbs of Obligation

'Have to' and 'must' are both used to express obligation. There is a slight difference in the way that they are both used. 'Have to' shows that the obligation comes from someone else, not the speaker. This is usually referring to a rule or law. We have to be at the airport at least two hours before the flight. I have to work on Saturday. They have to wear their uniforms at school. 'Must' shows us that the obligation comes from the speaker. I must hand in my thesis by tomorrow. I really must call my parents. #grammar #modalverbs #hateto #must

LIT This Week - Life is Conditional

THIS WEEK Life is Conditional 30 Activities - Life is Conditional Event: UN Meeting on World Events. Event: Going Green Event: Experiencing a National Disaster Grammar: Conditionals Vocabulary: Breakfast, Emergency Phrases, Going Green, Academic World List Speaking: Asking and Giving Advice IELTS: Practice Test, Writing and Speaking Exercises Listening: Music Movie: The Impossible Movie Book: Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne Go to the Learn It Town Welcome Area and click on the This week in Learn It Town link or sign up for the All Access Pass. INTERACTIVE LOCATION LESSONS - There are over 30 interactive locations with lessons for all levels. Be sure to complete at least two this w

Somlói galuska recipe

This decadent Hungarian trifle recipe is known as somloi galuska (shom-loh-ee gah-LOOSH-kaw), and is made with three different-flavored sponge cakes, pastry cream, raisins, walnuts, rum chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. The traditional presentation is to scoop three balls of this dessert into a bowl or on a plate, a generous portion of whipped cream and garnish with plenty of rum chocolate sauce. Rum is traditionally used in the simple syrup and chocolate sauce, but rum flavoring can be used for children. What You'll Need 1 recipe Walnut Sponge Cake 1 recipe Cocoa Sponge Cake 1 recipe Plain Sponge Cake 1 recipe Vanilla Pastry Cream For the Rum Simple Syrup: 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup water 1

IELTS Writing Task Band 9

This a sample IELTS Task 1 question and a model answer. The answer is estimated to get a Band 9 Score. Have a look at the answer first and then we can look at it in more detail. source: IELTS Buddy The table above shows the estimated oil capacity of six countries, in millions of barrels per day, from 1990 to 2010. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Write at least 150 Words. MODEL ANSWER The bar chart illustrates the estimated amount of oil produced in 6 countries between 1990 and 2010, measured in millions of barrels per day. Overall, oil production capacity tended to inc

Expression of asking and giving opinion

1. Giving Opinions: As far as I’m concerned … In my opinion … In my view … From my point of view … The way I see it is (that) … To my mind … Well, I reckon (that) … I (strongly) believe (that) … I (honestly) think (that) … I (really) feel (that) … Personally speaking, I believe … As for me, I reckon … In my opinion/In my humble opinion I reckon/suppose I know May I? If you ask me If I were you To be honest I could be wrong, but I’m no expert, but Personally 2. Asking Opinions: What do you think/reckon? do you see what I’m getting at? Do you know/see what I mean? Do you agree with me? Would you go along with that? Would you agree with me that … ? What are your thoughts on that? Don’t you thin

Photos from Friends - Le Mont Saint-Michel - Britanny, France

photo of Le Mont-Saint-Michel taken June 2018 by Brenda Adkins Le Mont Saint-Michel is an island commune in Britanny, France. It is located about one kilometre off the country's northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches and is 100 hectares in area. The island has held strategic fortifications since ancient times and since the 8th century AD has been the seat of the monastery from which it draws its name. The structural composition of the town exemplifies the feudal society that constructed it: on top, God, the abbey, and monastery; below, the great halls; then stores and housing; and at the bottom, outside the walls, houses for fishermen and farmers. The commune's

Tasty Desserts from Around the World

HUNGARY Somloi Galuska is a trifle made in Hungary with three different kinds of sponge cake (chocolate, vanilla and ground walnut), vanilla pastry cream, raisins, and walnuts, and topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It is served in scoops on plates. BELGIUM Dame blanche is the name used in Belgium and the Netherlands for a sweet dessert consisting of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, and warm molten chocolate. NETHERLANDS Poffertjes are sweet treats from the Netherland, served with powdered sugar and butter, and sometimes syrup or advocaat. However, there is also a savoury variant with gouda cheese. NETHERLANDS Oliebollen is a traditional Dutch food. They are called oliebolle

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