A ghost tells how to boil an egg

Improvisation classes are very important not only because you get to practice your speaking skills, but also because improvisation makes you get the feeling of the language and makes you think in English. So, yesterday I was finally able to attend a Learn It Town’ Improvisation Class. It was super funny and went beyond all my expectations. Each student was given a random topic and had to talk about their topics according to their character. And, by the way, the characters/role the students got were also random and different for everyone. My character was a ghost, and the topic was “how to boil an egg”. So I wrote the following poem explaining how to do it from ghosts perspective :) : I’m

English City Writing Contest

One of our students came to me a few years ago with a great idea – a writing contest. This is a great way to improve your writing and get critical feedback that can help you improve. Many of you have been writing great articles for the Blog with help from Learn It Town teachers and other students have really enjoyed your work ! Here are the rules: Below there is a list of 50 words, you must look up their meanings. Students must write a fictional story, news style report or discursive essay using at least thirty words in the list. Points will be given for originality, style, grammar and structure. The winner’s profile will be featured on the new Languagelab website and also displayed all over

A medical student explain how to send an email

In this case I’m a very diligent medical student. I like to be a student, because I have a lot of free time. Well, it will be easy for me explain to you how you can send an email. First start your computer, second the Outlook program. Open a blank email, choose an adress and write a topic in the subject line. Start with dear Mister Pattern… write your message and end with best regards. Push the button send and you will be surprised about the answer :-) (Please correct this, thank you)

36 Common English Words from Other Languages

“English doesn’t borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and goes through their pockets for loose grammar.” James D. Nicoll A LA CARTE You’ll often see this French phrase on your restaurant menu, and it simply means the act of ordering individual dishes rather than ordering from a fixed-price menu. Its use in English often suggests the food is posh and expensive, but this departs from the original meaning. ALLIGATOR This is a Spanish word meaning either of two broad-snouted crocodilians of thegenus Alligator, of the southeastern U.S. and eastern China. It comes from Spanish "el lagarto" the lizard AVATAR The word now commonly applied to

Listening: “If I Was God”

“If I Was God” A twelve-year-old’s frog-dissection assignment leads to daydreams of ultimate power. - from the New Yorker website. Watch and Listen to the Video. Discuss in the comments, or join Learn It Town and discuss this week in class and take a comprehension test. Sign up for vocabulary lesson.

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