ESL Conversation Film - Cupid Love is Blind

ESL Conversation Film The story of Cupid, confronted with a modern Narcissus and lived his worst day ever. Conversation Starters: Who is Cupid? What is love? What happened to Cupid that caused him to have a bad day? What was your worse day? What happened? Did things get better? Practice conversation with the Learn It Town Conversation Film series. Join Learn It Town and speak about this video with other students and English teachers from around the world. Sign up for a General English Class here. Lower Level English Upper Level English #Lessons #video #esl #comprehension #learnenglish #LearnItTown #conversation #film

Happy Valentine's Day - ESL

Valentine's Day Vocabulary admirer (noun): Someone who has a particular regard for someone or something; a person who is attracted to another person. Tina already knows that David is her secret admirer. arrow (noun): A thin stick with a sharp point at one end and feathers at the other to help guide it when shot from a bow. Cupid shoots arrows at people to make them fall in love. I think Abeer has just been struck by one of cupid's arrows. balloon (noun): A colored rubber sack inflated with helium (or air) and used as decoration. The kids enjoyed trying to keep the balloons floating in the air without them touching the ground. bouquet (noun): An attractively arranged bunch of flowers generall

What time is it?

Look at the above chart. Look at your clock. How would you say the time? This is a chart in Learn It Town's English City. There are many items like this around the city. You can click on the color dots and hear the proper way to say the time. Our students really enjoy these helpful signs when not in an English class. They take their avatar on a stroll through the town. Sign up for the Learn It Town all Access Pass and get your avatar. Take it through a stroll through the town. Sign up here.

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