t the end of this semester has finished any more the summer holiday is starting. Whole year I was worked very hard, and I think I deserve a nice travel. My mother had plan made ​​that about a nice travel. I know i will live a nice travel. This travel will not be forgotten. First of all, I have to prepare a suitcase. My mother said that you do not forget to get bikinis. At that I get ready for go on a holiday. We went to a lot of coastal town, before we visited historic sites. I learned a lot of important things for these places. Well then, you do not think that they forgot to go swimming. We went to our summerhouse. In this place, I met friends. We did enjoyable things. I swam, danced, catc

My Best Travel

One day, I decided to go Alanya with my friends from the school. My friends told good things about Alanya, so I had not gone to Alanya yet. I have believed them. My one friend has summerhouse in Alanya. First of all, we went to the summerhouse. First night was very enjoyable in the house. We had drank beer, red wine, Turkish raki, vodka and cocktail, so we had drank all of drink. I had drank alcohol first, and I had gotten drunk. After one day, we went to Marmaris. Marmaris is a touristy place. We went to disco that night in Marmaris. There were a lot of girls here, but all of girls were strange. I could have spoken English, and we met and spoke with them. I liked Laura among them. She was R

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