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Describing the Illustration

This is a very good ESL speaking exercise for children and adults of all levels. At Learn It Town, we use these as a warm-up before we start our classes.

This is an example of one we used today. After everyone logged in and their voice was good, we proceeded with the lesson.

What do you see in this illustration? What belongs and what doesn't? For a beginner, these are good for basic noun/verb exchanges.

Beginner - "A boy skates."

A1 - "I see a cow blowing a trumpet."

A2 - "There is a sailboat upside down on the water."

B1 - "This illustration is confusing. A traffic light doesn't belong on the beach."

B2 - "A lifeguard would never wear snowshoes on his feet. What if his foot became tangled in the strings. It would be a significant problem."

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