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Holiday Travel Phrasal Verbs

It is important to learn phrasal verbs, here are a few related to holiday travel:

1. check in (to a hotel / at the airport) = register at the hotel / airport, etc (Also a noun = “check-in”) “What time can we check in?”

2. get into (arrive at a place) – “What time do we get into London?” (enter a train, plane, car, etc) – “Please, get into the taxi.” or get onto “We need to get onto the train.”

3. go through (security/customs, etc) = pass through a check at the airport “You’ll need to take your PC out of your bag when you go through security.”

4. hang around or wait around (spend time waiting) – “I hung around the airport for hours on a stop over.”

5. pick up (a hire car) = get the keys to a hire car “We picked up a hire car at the airport so we could be more independent.”

6. Set off (To begin a journey) We set off in the early morning because we had to be at the airport at 6. We can also use head off. We headed off for a week with family.

7. stop over (break your journey in a particular place) Also a noun = “stop-over “We stop over in Singapore on our way to Australia.”

8. take off (when your plane starts the journey) “What time do we take off?”

9. touch down (an aircraft lands) – “The plane touched down in Valencia at noon.”


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