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This week in Learn It Town

New Student HUD. Get your New Student HUD at the Welcome Area. It is in Front of the Front Desk.

INTERACTIVE CITY BUTTONS - found at the Front Desk

Click to receive New Student HUD

Click to go to the interactive lesson in Canvas for the location

Click to get the landmark to the location.

Click to go to the Learn It Town Website


  1. Get HUD from Welcome Area Front Desk.

  2. Look in Objects. Find

  3. Student HUD Learn It Town Vx.x

  4. Add HUD

  5. HUD will appear on the left side of your screen.

Click + and HUD will get small.

Click + again HUD will get BIG.

Click Join to go to the page to join All Access Pass

Click Enroll in Classes to enroll in a class.

Click Calendar to go to Calendar.

Click Canvas to come to Lessons here.

Click Taxi for a menu to teleport to city locations.

Click Learn It Town to go to Website.

Weekly lesson on All About You.
  • Vocabulary - Personality, Negative Prefixes

  • Grammar - Present Simple and Present Continuous, Verb + infinitive or -ing form.

  • Speaking - Exchanging opinions

  • Writing - Telling about your family and friends

INTERACTIVE LESSONS - There are over 22 interactive location lessons. Be sure to complete at least two this week.
  • Enjoy the Zoo, Pet Shop, Apartment, and Past Tense Diner

24/7 EVENT: Cinema Movie - For your listening enjoyment, go to the cinema and watch scenes from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Just click on the screen and it will play. Zoom in or out to fit your screen.

24/7 HOLIDAY EVENT: Easter Egg Hunt

For the event this week, we have a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt. Play with your kids at the Learn It Town sim.

  1. Choose a basket at the Welcome Area or in at the Park.

  2. Look in your inventory under Objects and add the Easter Basket.

  3. Then use your STUDENT HUD. Click on the Taxi and go to the Park.

  4. The Eggs are hidden in the Park. Put your mouse on the egg and click.

  5. You need 9 eggs.

  6. AFTER click on the Golden Egg in the Bunny's Easter Basket.

  7. Careful. If you get a rotten egg, you will lose one egg.

  8. There is a very LARGE EGG behind the Ice Cream Shop. Click on it.

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