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Disputes about the current educational system

here are many disputes about the current educational system in nowadays. Many people think that this system has outlived it’s usefulness. Of course, we don’t have the ideal system, and it should be changed.

Firstly, it is a strong lined technology of teaching. The teaching system cannot gives asked skills. It is impossible because of the program of education. This program was developed by scientists for an average student and does not consider needs in specific sciences for each child in depending on future occupation.

Secondly the present system does not take into account individual. Each young man has an individuality and must be educated in accordance with his predisposition. However present institutions cannot do assessment and develop the program of education for each person.

In addition the system of education is behind of present technologies and could not touch them. But it strongly need for continuing education in specific profession and for a successful start in life.

However Russia knows the great example when old system of education was better than present one. It was a big mistake that the old system of education in Russia was changed to American model of education by the government. That system was known as the best system of education and has been destroyed with changes.

In conclusion I would like to say that the best is the enemy for the well. Don’t touch it if it works. But, if it doesn’t work the time comes to change it. And don’t forget previous mistakes.

The writing class with Delia on Friday in June,14

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