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A fear experience

When I was a child, I usually read books at night.

One night, I read a ghost story. It was so compelling that I lost track of time. when I looked at clock, it said midnight. I looked around. Nobody was there. I felt cold in my back. It looked like a ghost around me. I closed the book softly. Then I jumped up in bed, covered over my head with a blanket without turning off the light. I closed my eyes. My hands took the edge of blanket tightly. Because I thought that ghost could take the blanket off.

I was lying in blanket with a jumping up heart when I remembered my grandmother‘s advice.

She told me that “when you feel so panic, you should pray Buddha”.

I began to pray Buddha. After that, I fell to sleep insensitive.

From Truong Kroll

Please help me to correct it,

Thanks a lot my teacher.

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