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New Year's Tradition - Brazil

Releasing of Balloons, Brazil

Thousands of biodegradable balloons are released at Patio do Colegio, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Workers of the city's commercial association began releasing balloons in 1992 in which has now turned into a tradition to celebrate the New Year. (NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Honoring Goddess of the Sea

Devotees honor lemanja, Goddess of the Sea, as part of traditional New Year's celebrations on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Iemanja is a goddess from the African Candomble religion. Devotees traditionally mark the day dressed in white while carrying a statue of Iemanja to the beach, lighting candles and tossing flowers and other offerings into the sea. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Learn with us and gain English fluency. (#esl #english #onlinelearning)

Learn with us and gain English fluency. (#esl #english #onlinelearning)


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