Emergency Phrases in English

These are English phrases and exclamations for use in emergencies and other difficult situations. Hopefully, you won't need to use them!

Note that in a genuine emergency, you can contact the emergency services in the UK by calling 999; the number to call in the USA and Canada is 911.

Emergency Phrases in English

Asking for help


Somebody help!

Can anyone help!

Please help me!

Help me!

I’m here.

I need a doctor. Somebody call a doctor!

I need the police. Someone call the police!

I need an ambulance. Someone call an ambulance!

Help! I can't swim!

Warning someone of danger

Look out!/ Watch out!

Be careful!



Can you smell burning?

There’s a fire!

The building’s on fire!


Call/find an ambulance/ the police/ fire brigade!


Stop, thief!

There’s been a theft/ a burglary/ an accident!

Call the police!

I’ve been mugged/ attacked/ hit/ shot!

I’d like to report a theft/ a stolen briefcase.

My handbag/ wallet/ purse/ laptop/ phone’s been stolen.

Something has been stolen.

My car/house/apartment’s been broken into.

Comforting someone

Calm down!

Don’t worry.

Take it easy!

It’s gonna be fine/ okay/ alright/ good (soon)!

It won’t hurt.

I’ve got a steady hand.

Medical emergencies

Call an ambulance.

I need a doctor.

Take me to the hospital!

There’s been an accident.

Please hurry!

He’s not breathing.

Does anyone know how to do CPR?

(CPR: a life-saving technique used when someone has stopped breathing.)

I’ve cut/ burnt myself.

I’m having trouble breathing.

I can’t ...



I’m choking.

My eyes are stinging.

I’ve been



Are you OK?

Is everyone OK?

I am allergic to _________.

Other difficult situations

I'm lost.

We're lost.

We don’t know where we are.

We’ve forgotten where we are staying.

I’ve forgotten the name of my hotel.

I’ve lost my ...

  • wallet

  • purse

  • camera.

  • I’ve been

  • stuck

  • locked inside.

I can't find my ...

  • keys

  • passport

  • phone.

  • Leave me alone, please!

  • Go away!

I’m ...

  • starving

  • so thirst

  • so tired

  • exhausted.

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