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Christmas Vocabulary

Christmas idioms, phrases and sayings

Bah! Humbug!

Meaning: first used by Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, this is sometimes said by people who aren’t fans of Christmas when confronted with holiday well-wishers. Example: Watch Scrooge in the video below.

Beat the holiday blues

Meaning: to overcome the stress and frustration resulting from holiday preparation or resulting from he need to get back to your usual routine after a holiday. Example: When I want to beat the holiday blues I always think about the fact that soon it will be over.

Be my guest

idiom - be my guest

Meaning: Help yourself.; After you. (A polite way of indicating that someone else should go first, help himself or herself to something, or take the last one of something.)


Mary: I would just love to have some more cake, but there is only one piece left.

Sally: Be my guest.

Mary: Wow! Thanks!

Jane: Here's the door. Who should go in first?

Bill: Be my guest. I'll wait out here.

Jane: You're so polite!

Be no angel

Meaning: sometimes behave badly Example: He's no angel but he can't be blamed for everything that has happened.

Be there with bells on

Meaning: said in response to an invitation and meaning you will happily go.


Mom, will you come to my Christmas play at school?

Of course, I will be there with bells on.


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