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Vocabulary for Lord of the Flies - Chapter 1

conch shell

Today we read Lord of the Flies Chapter 1a in class. Lord of the Flies in one of the 1,000s of books in the Learn It Town Library.

We learned a lot of vocabulary. Students from pre-intermediate to advanced participated. It is an easy story to read. However, there was some challenging vocabulary for everyone. Below are words that challenged all of

the students.

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  1. proffer

a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

The fat boy waited to be asked his name in turn but this proffer of acquaintance was not made; the fair boy called Ralph smiled vaguely, stood up, and began to make his way once more toward the lagoon.

  1. upheaval

a violent disturbance

The ground beneath them was a bank covered with coarse grass, torn everywhere by the upheavals of fallen trees, scattered with decaying coconuts and palm saplings.

  1. prominent

having a quality that thrusts itself into attention

He was old enough, twelve years and a few months, to have lost the prominent tummy of childhood and not yet old enough for adolescence to have made him awkward.

  1. specious

deceptively pleasing

Ralph had been deceived before now by the specious appearance of depth in a beach pool and he approached this one preparing to be disappointed.

  1. loll

be lazy or idle

Ralph lolled in the water.

  1. swathe

wrap in swaddling clothes

Sleep enveloped him like the swathing mirages that were wrestling with the brilliance of the lagoon.

  1. effulgence

the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light

With that word the heat seemed to increase till it became a threatening weight and the lagoon attacked them with a blinding effulgence.

  1. enmity

a state of deep-seated ill-will

He trotted through the sand, enduring the sun's enmity, crossed the platform and found his scattered clothes.

  1. decorous

characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste

Suddenly Piggy was a-bubble with decorous excitement.

  1. interpose

be or come between

The shell was interesting and pretty and a worthy plaything; but the vivid phantoms of his day-dream still interposed between him and Piggy, who in this context was an irrelevance.

  1. strident

unpleasantly loud and harsh

The note boomed again: and then at his firmer pressure, the note, fluking up an octave, became a strident blare more penetrating than before.

  1. incredulous

not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving

They were twins, and the eye was shocked and incredulous at such cheery duplication.

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