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A ghost tells how to boil an egg

Ghostly egg

Improvisation classes are very important not only because you get to practice your speaking skills, but also because improvisation makes you get the feeling of the language and makes you think in English.

So, yesterday I was finally able to attend a Learn It Town’ Improvisation Class. It was super funny and went beyond all my expectations.

Each student was given a random topic and had to talk about their topics according to their character. And, by the way, the characters/role the students got were also random and different for everyone.

My character was a ghost, and the topic was “how to boil an egg”. So I wrote the following poem explaining how to do it from ghosts perspective :) :

I’m a ghost

People are scared of me most

I can disappear,

I can turn into a dear.

When I want to laugh,

I appear to people in the bath.

But I cannot cook,

Because I can’t hold even a book.

And that’s makes me very sad

Because I like boiling eggs so bad…

But I can teach you how you can do it for yourself;

You just take some eggs and your pot from the shelf,

Put the eggs in the pot, and then some water..

And let it boil a bit, while drinking fire-water.

And there you’ll have what you wanted,

But now your house will always be haunted ))

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