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English City Writing Contest

One of our students came to me a few years ago with a great idea – a writing contest. This is a great way to improve your writing and get critical feedback that can help you improve.

Many of you have been writing great articles for the Blog with help from Learn It Town teachers and other students have really enjoyed your work !

Here are the rules:

  • Below there is a list of 50 words, you must look up their meanings.

  • Students must write a fictional story, news style report or discursive essay using at least thirty words in the list.

  • Points will be given for originality, style, grammar and structure.

  • The winner’s profile will be featured on the new Languagelab website and also displayed all over English City.

  • Everyone who enters will be given detailed feedback and those who choose to share their feedback with the group will be posted on the blog for all students to benefit from.

The words:

  1. advice

  2. benefit

  3. liaise

  4. compete

  5. effect

  6. relate

  7. budget

  8. discreet

  9. regard

  10. respond

  11. comply

  12. procure

  13. paradigm

  14. defy

  15. assess

  16. criterion

  17. appreciate

  18. jingoism

  19. analyse

  20. retain

  21. affect

  22. enhance

  23. podcasting

  24. acquire

  25. oblige

  26. information

  27. use

  28. intend

  29. ecopolitics

  30. endeavour

  31. continue

  32. provide

  33. allege

  34. emphasize

  35. aesthetic

  36. empathy

  37. request

  38. pragmatic

  39. despite

  40. ubiquitous

  41. sceptic

  42. propose

  43. assume

  44. ambiguous

  45. competence

  46. irony

  47. subtle

  48. implement

  49. concur

  50. general

The deadline is 9th March and all submissions should be made on the Learn It Town Facebook or to

Good Luck !

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