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Almaty “Arbat” Town Square

Hello my friends! My name is Renat Yussupov. Let me tell you about Almaty “Arbat” Town square. It’s very beautiful and interesting place in Apple City. It’s a very important place for everybody who is living here.

Almaty, Kazakhstan Town Square

The Arbat town square is located near the “Sayahat” city’s main bus station so people come from different part of Almaty region to buy and sell goods. Moreover, it is also near the Almaty-2 train station and a subway station which makes it very convenient for city people, especially young people who don’t have cars. You will see people of different ages walking in “Arbat” to have a rest and see interesting things here.

The square isn’t very large that’s why it full of hundreds of small shops and stalls and It’s seems that this place is a magnet for inhabitants of Apple City. Consequently, you can’t be confusing to get around. However, if you get lost, it is a good idea to look for the big jewelry store, named “Altyn” which is situated at the end of the square. It will help you find your way.

When you will walk into the Arbat town square there are painters everywhere. Many of them are drawing the portrait of passersby’s on the street. Also, painters are bringing their paintings to sell.

You can find a lot of funs things every day, such as live performances of different music bands, especially on weekends. Magicians, which having fun with passersby. Promoters in different funs costumes, are distributing the flyers of different shops and stores. Young couples are walking around the square with their little babies. Dance teams are showing their talents dancing in different styles, such as hip hop, locking, break dancing, etc.

As you walk through the market you will experience many sensations. For example, there are many smells, scents and aromas. One moment you will be smelling the aromas of stir-friend cooking dishes from a small restaurant and the next you smell the scents of orchids and other flowers as you pass through the cooler and more relaxing garden section. Furthermore, walking deeper into the market, your eyes will have trouble recording so many products with their many colors, designs and sizes. After a while you may feel dizzy and look for a quiet place to have a rest and a refreshing drink. Fortunately, there are many small cafes and drink stalls selling fresh coconut juice, orange juice or iced water.

Around the square you can taste a lot of interesting and amazing foods. As you may know, there are living more than 100 nationalities living in Kazakhstan under the blue sky in peace. That’s why large variety of foods. The most popular cuisines in KZ are Asians, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Russians, Kavkaz’s and others. You can satisfy your wishes here!

To sum up, a day at the Arbat town square of resting and a unique experience for your senses. It is a kind of magical journey that is great as a first experience for tourists and an

escape from daily routines for locals. Moreover, while it is usually hot and crowded, the atmosphere is friendly and good-natured.

Take your friends and spend your day off in “Arbat” Town square and you will remember this time forever!

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