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Texas Pecan Pie

Piece of Pecan Pie

INGREDIENTS 2 whole eggs 3 heaping Tablespoon or 15*3=45 mL sugar 1 Tablespoon or 15 mL flour 1 cup or 240 mL Karo (corn syrup) 1 cup or 240 mL Texas (or any kind you can find) pecans 1 teaspoon or 5 mL vanilla extract 1 unbaked pie shell or pastry shell

DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix eggs, sugar, & flour thoroughly. 2. Add Karo, pecans, & vanilla. 3. Stir & pour into an unbaked pastry shell. 4. Bake at (350 F or 177 C degrees or number 4 on your gas mark) until brown, about 40 minutes.

Texas Pecan Pie

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