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A Walk Along the Beach

It seemed like it had been raining for weeks, when a single ray of light pierced the clouds, and the birds began singing. It was spring at last!

Nick was hiding under the covers with just his eyes peeking out, like a catapiller‐turned

butterfly ready to break out of a giant cocoon. It was a perfect day for a walk along the beach.He would stumble from bed, have his morning coffee, get dressed, and go wake up Gottit.

You may be thinking, “What a strange name!.” Allow me to explain. Nick met Eric when they were in elementary school. He was the most enthusiastic student in the class. Whenever the teacher asked a question to which he knew the answer, he would shout, “I’ve got it ! I’ve got it!.” Needless to say, this was neither popular with Ms Johnston, the teacher, nor with his classmates. That’s when he became known as Gottit.

When Nick arrived and knocked on the door, Gottit had already got dressed. He was wearing a hooded raincoat and a pair good of sneakers. Nick and Gottit went to the beach together, Gottit started to run. He scrambled onto the rocks, and Nick got worried.

Suddenly he started waving his hands, like he had found something extraordinary.

Nick thought Gottit was calling for his help. So he ran to catch up to see what was going on.

There was a small sheep bobbing up and down in the water like a corpse. They hurriedly got to the edge to try to save her.

With Nick holding his hand, Gottit lowered himself to the water like an ape reaching for a peach he tried to get hold of a small sheep struggling in the water. After several attempts, Gottit caught hold of the sheep, but had great difficulty lifting it up. in desperation, Gottit jumped into the water to have a final try. Luckily, the water was not deep so he could stand firmly. Then, with one hand still gripping Nick’s hand,Gottit finally raised the sheep onto the rocks. The terrified sheep landed on the rock, panting and heaving for air. It was as if she was thinking, “Oh, I’m finally safe!”. She must have been feeling so relieved. After a while the sheep regained her energy and scrambled to her feet. On her way back home, the sheep turned her head, seemingly to bid them farewell and express her heartfelt gratitude towards her two good friends. Nick smiled to his friend and said, “ You really got it this time!,” and they both laughed their way home.

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