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The Story of Hasan by Lowri’s Conversation Class

Hasan was was lost in the woods. He had fallen in love, but their families hated each other. They ran away and Hasan found a cave in the mountains.

The families were searching everywhere for them. He dug a hole for them to escape. Hasan escaped immediately. However, he fell down and broke his head. Where he was looked dead.

So his fiance tried to keep calm when she saw Hasan. She made a cot out of tree limbs and drug him down the mountain. She became frightened, he looked dead, but he was unconscious. She immediately went near him and started to cry

She poked him two times and he didn’t answer her. So she, pulled the phone to call 911 emergency service. When she called emergency service, her battery died. She had a very bad telephone connection and the person on the phone said it was working, but only between two mountains. Then she started to run, between the two mountains. Which was logical.

After that she tired and she wanted to sleep. She went between the mountains and she called and went back to Hasan and went back to sleep. People came and were so happy to see them alive, they lived.

But it is now no longer our business, so we let them be.

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