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Video games and how to fight it

any youngsters use computers in today’s world. Almost all of them are gamers. Some youngsters are just used to using social games and now they are using their abilities for making decisions regarding social problems. On the other hand, many children use their computers uncontrollably. They play violent games, where they just kill other people, monsters or people turning into monsters, bust everything in the game’s world and use drugs to increase their virtual health.

Firstly Video games make them disappointed in real life. Gamers are usually bring emotions from virtual reality to real word. This behavior turns back problems in real word. Youth shows aggression and violence to other young people.

Secondly, spending a lot of time at the computer badly impacts on health. Weak young body is subjected to high overload, especially in the eyes. This is the reason of problems with blood pressure and eyes’s illness.

Never parents want to see their child as a prisoner or as a patient of an ophthalmologist. However, duty to protect children’ fragile minds from violence in games does not lies on parents, but also lies on the government. It is hard to control all market of video games, but it should be done for our children and for our society. The decision should be consists from districts of sales, employment of children in various clubs of interest, control over the use of the computer and limiting the content of the information. This is a complex problem and it should be decided all together.

the class with Delia on friday

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