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Argumentative report - Staff should not have the same lunch hour

i everyone,

I’m Mimi. I believe somebody may know me meeting at some classes. Yesterday, I’ve attended Business Reports class and learnt a lot. Thanking to Delia and dear friends being together, I’ve finally completed my writing. I’d be grateful if someone could correct my writing as follows. Thanks.



Staff should not have the same lunch hour.

Although now all staff have their lunch in same time period, typically from noon to 1 p.m., it may actually be argued that having different lunch hours would be more productive. Some progressive companies allow their staff to have lunch at their own convenience. For one reason for this, staff have very little time to eat because they have to waste time waiting in line, and finding a place to sit in the canteen. Secondly, each person has their own physiological cycles and right time to eat accordingly. Lastly, employer can have a benefit that the work can have continuity. I believe that the company choosing flexible lunchtime principal will have more development possibility.

First of all, nobody wants to be pressed while they are eating. In realty, however, staff have to eat out in just ten or fifteen minutes. Among the one hour of lunchtime given, people ought to spend 15 minutes to walk and find a place and another 15 minutes to order and wait for foods they ordered. Because they should consider time to go back to work, the given time to eat is very tight. If someone is late for being back to their seat, the employee would happen to be reprimanded for failing to enforce the lunch hour. No body would be happy and productive under such a pressed work environment.

Secondly, each person has their own physiological cycles and fundamental habit to live. For example, a person who doesn’t eat breakfast would feel hungry than other person who does. The starving employer cannot be focus on the tasks at least from 11 a.m. On the other hand, someone who eat some sandwiches at work every morning just right before the office hour would not feel hungry until 1 p.m. This person probably want to go out to lunch after 1 p.m. Under the uniform work rules, however, every staff should go out at noon and come back in to their seat by 1 p.m. It can cause indigestion or obesity to someone who do not need to take nourishment at the timing.

Last but not least, employer can keep the work ongoing without break. If someone who prefer to have lunch at 1 p.m. remain on duty during the official lunch time, then the company can deal with the business and serve clients on urgent business. There would be no concern anymore to miss an important call during the official lunch time.

Some people think that keeping their seats in office hours can improve work efficiency because accounts may think the person in charge is in after 1 p.m. and need the person unexpectedly. However, I think the adjustment of lunch hours should be assigned based on the property of work. If some work do not allow work time autonomy, then the people may have no choice. But as most employees can cover the approximately one hour gap in business, operating two or three options of lunch time would not be a big deal.

In conclusion, giving a certain amount of autonomy in lunch hours is needed to improve satisfaction of staff, peoples health conditions, and work efficiency from a corporate standpoint. Everyday that goes by with having uniform lunch hours means that both staff and the company waste too much valuable resources. I firmly believe that the work environment allowed people to choose lunch time from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. can make higher productivity.

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