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This is an agrument about whether smoking should be prohibited in public place

Recently, the debate over whether people who smoke cigarette in public places should be allowed or be banned with different laws and regulations has aroused wide concern. People retain diverse attitudes towards this hot issue. Before presenting my view, I intend to explore both sides of the argument.

Many people claim that people taking cigarette in public should be accepted by others and administrators. To begin with, by smoking on the streets and so on, you can easily start conversations with others and even quickly make new friends and improve the relationships. Moreover, it can cater the needs of smokers and can stimulate the development of the society by gaining the money from smokers, because cigarette industry plays a major part in the local revenue, if lots of smokers don’t buy cigarettes, which will give a negative impact on social development. Furthermore, to stop taking cigarette in blocks may bring out some negative outcomes such as violence and crime. It will undoubtedly exert a negative influence on society security and residents’ daily routine.

Some other people, however, strongly hold that it is essential for the local government to publish rules to limit and prevent smoking behaviors in public places for several factors. Firstly, some researches have shown that tobacco contains varieties of dangerous materials, many of which even potentially give rise to serious diseases including cancers. Therefore, it is extremely worth for us to make an announcement to prohibit smoking in public regions. In the second place, as a consequence of using the fire to light up cigarette outside, serious fire emergency will happen and it will put public facilities and staying people in a dangerous position. Lastly, in public zones smoking will mislead teenagers and young adults, so it is necessary, obviously speaking, to prevent smoking in public areas and build a health environment for most of non-smokers.

From the above discussion, we can see that there is actually some truth in both statements. Personally, I totally agree with the second view that we should ban smoking in public places. Apparently there is some truth in supporting smokers taking cigarettes in public places but, to put the issue into perspective, many of us have realized that smoking will lead to a number of problems to the environment and humans, after all., the public place is not the special area merely for smokers and at the same time smoking is not a good habit at all.

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