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Going to Egypt?

Egypt is a paradigm of a great Middle Eastern country that has retained its old customs and traditions till now.Egyptaians attitude and personality has greatly been affected and shaped by their history and religion . Whether Muslims or christians,Egyptians are deeply religious and they strictly comply to religious principles that govern their daily lives.

When westerners visit Egypt they are often apprehensive despite their views of Egyptians and Arabs ,fomented by unkind and untrue media stories,which bear no relation to reality.Travelers are always surperised by their friendly and hospitable reception,they go home with good feelings about Egypt and its population.

Egyptians raised in social enviroment steeped in Islam,and this background affected their dicision- making in a way that foreigners can not understand.If you intend to visit Egypt you need to learn about their culture .and if you respect their believes and traditions ,I assure you they will endeavour to make you most welcome.

Devout Muslims do not drink Alcohol,use drugs, or eat pork.and i have to emphasize that proselytizing is illegal in Egypt.According to the Egyptians request ,foreigner working on converting people and proposing different religion have been asked to leave,Egyptian people have defied them strongly .because,in Egypt, when it comes to religion there are hardly any sceptics.

In Egypt there are barely any restrictions for forgien women.But for men, speaking to a stranger Egyptian woman is a breach of etiquette so,be carefull with any liaison that you form because some families still follow ancient traditions.Most women in Egypt wear head covers and conservative clothing out of discreet and complying to their religious principles

In general, Egyptians are very accomodating ,they will get out of their way to help you and will respond to you instantly.You will find that whenever you start talking to an Egyptian person you will draw a crowd and the Egyptians will start disscussing among themselves the correct answer to your question to provide you with the right information.

Egyptians,if offered anything,they will refuse the first invitation,and my advice is to do the same even if you intend to accept it.The invitation will be repeated if it is from the heart not out of politness.Before you go to your host house make sure to take a box of good quality chocolate or some delight sweets,Flowers are not very appreciated in such occasion unless it is a weeding or a visit to a sick person .When you invited to Egyptian home for a meal ,expect agreat feast with all kinds of food,do not expect a budget meal.Adding salt to your food is considerd an insult to your host she will assume that you are not satisfied with your meal.Having a second serving is considered a complement to your host.when you finish eating leave some food in your plate beacuse if it is empty they will fill it again for you.

Egyptians are very generous people and they always do whatever it takes to show that to their guests even if they can not afford it, they have the competence to make you feel at home and make your visit to Egypt unforgetable.

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