Two Thieves

One night, there were two thieves. They climbed up a wall and opened some curtains to get into a house.

In the bedroom of the house, the owner was in his pyjamas in his bed, reading a story about pets with a lamp turned on.

Outside the bedroom, one of the thieves turned on a torch to find his way in the darkness at night. Unluckily, the thieves heard a voice here and there. Because the thieves were so scared by a sound, they dropped the torch and ran away in a hurry.

Having heard a noise from the kitchen, the owner came out of the room, went down stairs and went into the kitchen. After switching on the light, he saw the torch on the floor but no one was there. His parrot standing in it’s coop was happy when it saw him. This made him smile when he realized that the parrot‘s screech made the thieves so panic, ran away and left the torch.

At that time it was so late, the owner went to check a round his house. Then he went back to sleep.

Please help me to correct it

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