Asia and America. The importance of getting even closer

Now more than ever it is of huge importance to the world that their two biggest economies (America and China) find agreements to work together against the current economic climate and global warming. Opposite to the previous American U.S. administration, Barack Obama’s one has global warming high scored in their agenda; reason why Hillary Clinton is currently in a tour around Asia to address those issues. Because these two countries account for more than 40% of the world’s green house gas emissions, I think it is their responsibility to start contributing solving the problem. Also if cooperation between these two occurred, it will be easier for other countries to take a more active role. How

TOEFL Classes

A lot of students in English city have been attending classes for TOEFL prepartion conducted by Salsita Almendros. Although these classes started a few weeks ago they have became very popular. The classes focus on the speaking section of the TOEFL test which is, in my opinion, the most challenging section in the exam. Sally has been doing such a wonderful job. Although she has not taught any TOEFL preparation courses before , she managed to do a lot of research about the test and now she is able to spot our points of weakness and help us to improve our performance so we can get high scores in the test. I believe that she has put a lot of effort into this task. She gives us a lot of tips and

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